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Inspiring and equipping social changemakers – Social Entrepreneurs are individuals who create innovative solutions for social change, and use business principles to build sustainable and high-impact initiatives.

NSE is a broad network designed for those who want to think innovatively and creatively about social impact, and who want to develop their skills and capacity as entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. Generating dialogue through forums, breakfast debates, and other events, we inspire leaders in the social sector to push boundaries and find creative new approaches to society’s toughest challenges. Through short and long courses, we equip social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the business skills they need to build powerful and sustainable initiatives. NSE events combine skills development with thought leadership. Located within a top business school, we have the faculty, experience, and infrastructure to provide high-quality, hands-on management training. As a network for social sector leaders, we work with NGOs on a daily basis, social enterprises of all sizes, across various sectors to equip them with skills and new approaches to better design and implement initiatives. The NSE offers a range of programmes, workshops and dialogues that enable delegates to gain insight into the landscape of social entrepreneurship; business and its role in society; and how to create and maintain sustainable social organisations.

NSE has three focus areas:

  • Research to develop evidence on what social entrepreneurship is in South Africa;
  • Capacity Building through a constant blend of educational programmes, dialogues and workshops from the one-year Social Entrepreneurship     Programme, to short programmes, dialogue sessions and workshops;
  • Mainstreaming the principles of social entrepreneurship through a blend of materials, from academic journal articles to opinion pieces in popular media.

Extended programme:

The Social Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP)

Short programmes and workshops:

  • Measuring Impact;
  • Alternative Income Streams;
  • Things Text Books Don’t Teach: Leading Non-profits and Social Enterprises in South Africa; and
  • Livelihoods and markets.

Thought Leadership Events:

NPO collaboration Dialogue; and
Festival of ideas competition

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